Friday, October 26, 2007

A parade of tools

This clip seems to epitomize our current predicament vis a vis Iran and the Middle East. The entire ceremony is so utterly corny and cliche it belongs in a Peter Sellers movie, especially that motley crew swaggering along with the Ayatollah. Even the Ayatollah himself is a cartoon character--from a distance he might pass for Dumbledore. Is this really 2007?

It's surreal yet serious. Iran's history of attacks against America via proxy are legend and even now they continue to brazenly help kill our troops in Iraq as if possessing some kind of Spectre-like deterrence. But what? They don't have nukes yet, right?

Maybe it's their revealed relationship with Putey-poot, who aside from his practice bombing sorties is now leaving taunting inferences with the Asian press. Is it time to revisit the Russian mole in Centcom story?

Very confusing. I'll say this.. I certainly hope Colbert opens a can when he gets in there!

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