Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Colmes versus Coulter

Coulter lost the smirk and got mad for a change.

She's absolutely correct, of course. The New Testament is indeed the continuation of the Old, which prophesied about the coming Messiah. To be a Christian means believing the prophecies contained were fulfilled by Christ, whereas the Jews are still waiting. Nothing controversial in that, or the fact true Christians should wish for everyone, not just Jews, to come to their way of thinking.

But the problem is not Colmes or the others, it's Coulter. People tend to pick up just as much non-verbals as verbals during communication, and hers are usually a brew of sarcasm and amused hostility. It makes for entertaining TV but it's hardly a Dale Carnegie approved method of winning friends or influencing people. So even when she's right people tend to feel like they've just been belittled. It really doesn't bother me but for comparison's just imagine how Billy Graham might have handled the same discussion, and you'll get my point.

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