Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Speaking of fake...

The phony press conference given by FEMA was bad. Horrible in it's stupidity, to be precise. The media reported on it, as they should have, although many seem determined now to move it into the milking stalls. Indeed the Times called it "the story that just won't go away" (do they realize they are part of that process?).

But on Monday many news outlets also ran a horrible story in Iraq--20 headless bodies found near Baquba. I heard it while driving to work Monday morning. A deep-voiced CBS radio announcer nonchalantly wondered whether they were Shia and Sunni. The AFP went further by pondering the deeper meaning:
The discovery of bodies was a stark reminder that Iraq's brutal sectarian strife was far from over despite wideranging US and Iraqi military operations
But did it actually happen?
But, wait a minute... Late last night the BBC reports this: Meanwhile, Iraqi police denied earlier reports that 20 headless bodies had been found dumped near Baquba.
As Gateway reported, it wouldn't be the first time, if true (er, false). In a perfect world the same press who so vigorously reported it Monday along with commentary would provide their patrons with an equally vigorous correction, with maybe some commentary about how lousy some of the fact-checking has been in Iraq. Instead they appear to be diverting patrons to the suicide bicycle bombing in the same town. Fake but accurate again.

Time will also tell whether this apparent good news gets any traction after reports of the initial kidnappings. Perhaps they're waiting for more confirmation, although some will no doubt be disappointed.

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