Saturday, April 26, 2008

Déjà vu, indeed

Here are some quotes from the Syrian Ambassador to the US in response to intelligence reports given to Congress about the strange little building in the Syrian desert that was blown up by the Israelis:
"ridiculous".."they were showing me photos from inside a building somewhere in the world".."I had to ask myself, is this Hollywood or Foggy Bottom?".."totally legitimate intelligence activities.".."don't be gullible and fall for this,"..
Hmm, where was this outrage after the event took place? But he's right, it is a sort of déjà vu of the Iraq thing, at least in regards to official spokesmen. We've certainly seen it before:

As to Mohamed ELBaradei's outrage over not being told earlier--well, pretty much the same ole same old.

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Debbie said...

When I heard the Syrian ambassador, I thought about the guy, the similarities were amazing.

They are using Liberal talking points, mixed with some truth, to put doubts in everyone's minds/

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth