Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good grief

Can any of these candidates at least try to pretend they aren't pandering pathological liars willing to sell their soul and their mother's for the nearest vote?

Hillary will be on Bill O's show tonight. It's surprising the space-time continuum is still intact, but of course Hillary doesn't do anything without a good reason so it's likely she sensed a last opportunity to pounce on a staggering opponent by talking to the the bitter, clinging crowd suspicious of hope and change. Here's a teaser from HuffPo:
O'Reilly: "You're an American citizen, I'm an American citizen, He's an American citizen, Rev. Wright. What do you think when you hear a fellow American citizen say that kind of stuff about America."

Hillary: "Well, I take offense. I think it's offensive and outrageous. I'm going to express my opinion, others can express theirs. It is part of just, you know, an atmosphere we're in today.
So, she's offended, eh? Where was that just two days ago when she was scolding McCain:
"But, I regret the efforts by the Republicans to politicize this matter and I believe that if Senator McCain were serious he would do more than just send a letter..
This of course in reference to the letter McCain sent to the NC Republican Party over a negative ad they aired about Wright, which oddly has now been confirmed and reinforced by none other than Barack himself. "An atmosphere we're in today", no shiite!

Perhaps Obama can now chastise McCain for not being as courageous in taking on Wright. Hey, maybe the NC GOP can remix the ad and use Obama's own words, asking voters how somebody running for president could possibly possess such poor judgment or rank naiveté, depending on which version one believes.

As to Barack's epiphany press conference blasting his former pastor who was not a mentor but who inspired his first book because he wasn't the same man 20 years ago even though he says he was, the most interesting reaction may come from the black community--especially the ones who were clapping and cheering Wright's truthiness to power tour a few days ago. So far a quick check shows some sadness, some satisfaction, some denial, and some nodding and winking. But very little outrage.

MORE 5/1/08

Everybody is going around in circles trying to figure out exactly what's happening with this Wright stuff (sorry), with several popular theories circulating, two of which Allahpundit has summarized here.

I'd add a couple more. How about the "Obama has already secured the black vote so now's the time to purge the Wright problem once and for all". Part of that could involve a complicit national media, who knew about Wright all along but let Barack roll on to victory after victory before springing the jeremiah-in-the-box on the public. This could also include a complicit pastor/black leaders, who knew they needed to remove the issue from the general. Thing is, the superdelegates are still uncertain (unless they waited to get their permission before opening the can).

Another theory is that Wright's working under the table for the Hillary campaign to scuttle the Obama express to preserve the civil rights industry. That would tie into Huckabee's notion that a Barack presidency would itself prove that great strides have been made in racial equality, rendering the race hustling industry redundant.

Not real sure what's going on, but it would seem Obama only comes out fine under the race-hustler conspiracy theory since it suggests he was probably sold out by his ex-pastor due to fears he might actually win. It's certainly possible they filled his ideological and rather naive head with sweet nothings to encourage him to run, never dreaming he might win. That would make their long silence more of an "oh shiite" reaction to his success, and the Wright outburst the cure. Still, it's hard to believe men of the cloth could be that cynical and selfish. Then again, have you seen Wright's new house?

So let's take it even a step further. They might be trying to derail the candidacy not to preserve themselves, but the cause itself. For example, if Obama becomes president and proceeds to screw up (think of the scrutiny on Bush) some may believe it would set back race relations for decades.

Occam's Razor would probably say Obama was just doing the politickin' he had to do in response to Wright's truth talkin', with no undue influence from anyone, even Howard Dean. And here we are.


LASunsett said...

//Perhaps Obama can now chastise McCain for not being as courageous in taking on Wright.//

In my opinion, if he were to do this, he'd be well on his way to a John Kerry defeat. Using the 2006 election as a model on how NOT to win one, is not sound strategy. Waffling is an approach that has has already proven to have lousy outcomes.

I understand we have a group of kids that are probably going to vote in record numbers and many have been smitten by the Obamamania bug, en masse. But he can really screw his chances up and waste more time and money on a losing effort, if he keeps this Wright thing in the news. He works best when he can make empty speeches written by former JFK speech writers and stay on his non-existent message.

//...the most interesting reaction may come from the black community--especially the ones who were clapping and cheering Wright's truthiness to power tour a few days ago.//

This is something to consider, but as I sit and give this some thought, I don't think it will hurt as much with the black demographic. Overall, I think they will still vote for him.

I always hate to be cynical and suspicious, but as your overall theme suggests, this is all hard to believe. I mean, whats to say that this isn't a ruse they have devised and whipped up to get Obama out of the hole he has dug himself in with this whole Rev Wright thing?

Wright goes on a rampage, Obama counters with the renouncing and makes it look like he has now found the power of God. He makes it look like he has now received some profound revelation that after 20 years of blind servitude and support, he is cleansed of his erroneous ways.

His campaign support are a bunch of lying hypocrites, i put nothing past them and their quest to deliver the Presidency to the feet of George Soros. Heard of a silent partner in business? If Obama wins, I truly believe that Soros will be the "silent president".

A.C. McCloud said...

Well, I must admit to having tongue firmly in cheek for the suggestion that Obama now hammer McCain over his tepid response to the NC GOP Wright-bashing ads. Turns out Obama himself was much harder than McCain could ever be.

As to the reaction from the black community, ie, the big voices like Sharpton, etc, they either 'got the memo' or are skilled enough politically to recognize the play for what it was and are rolling with it.

For example, Sharpton would have been LIVID had a white person said what Barack said Tuesday. And if Obama were any other black person he would have surely been accused of being a pandering Uncle Tom. Instead we get the "move on" schtick, suggesting that Wright might have martyred himself.

Mission accomplished? Not sure, but 3-4 days of nonstop coverage has made everyone conveniently sick of the story, despite the electorate being handed proof that Obama is either a liar or a bad judge of character, or perhaps both and yet remains only a few steps from the presidency.

LASunsett said...

//I must admit to having tongue firmly in cheek for the suggestion that Obama now hammer McCain over his tepid response to the NC GOP Wright-bashing ads.//

I figured as much, but then again you have to remember that I am a cynic. And a true cynic would not put anything past those he/she is cynical about. This includes ulterior motives.