Sunday, April 27, 2008

Halp us, Michael Hirsh

We r stuk down south with the gost of Olde Hickery.

Wilsonian? Jacksonian? Robert E. Lee? Cabals with the Catholic Church? Pardon the New Orleans French but such a croque of crappe is rarely seen in print.

This is the same mentality that coined the term "flyover country". And it's probably the reason George W. Bush coddles that fake Texas accent--to remind the various Hirshes of the world that an Ivy League education or a job at a major news organization doesn't make one morally or even intellectually superior to everyone else.

Interestingly, Mr. Hirsh talked figuratively of the "north" seceding from the union but what he most probably meant to say was for people like himself to secede from the inferior people. Heck, we already know a large percentage of Pennsylvania Yankees wouldn't join him--Barack just told us so.

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