Thursday, April 10, 2008

No quarter for no quarter?

Interesting. This morning the Instapundit linked to a post on Larry Johnson's No Quarter blog about Obama's white grandmother and just as all the instatraffic arrived the blog dispayed a 404 error message. Too busy, or gone? The column in question doesn't show in cache and only in partial form on his feedburner page (he does have an interesting oldie in cache regards the Daily Kos).

Johnson has a tendency to get a tad angry over certain issues so perhaps the grandmother piece was some kind of last straw, unless he recently hired Lieberman's IT guy. We'll have to see, but the 404 error--whether server issues or blog death--could produce an even greater interest in what the writer originally had to say. Nothing like the forbidden.

By the way, if the name's not familiar Johnson was a heavy-handed backer of Valerie Plame during the Libby trial and was constantly on TV speaking on her behalf, billed as a former CIA analyst (he was). In looking through the cache of No Quarter it's not real surprising to see ample column space given to Joe Wilson, who at last check was still an adviser for team Hillary.

UPDATE 4/10/08

The site is back up now, removing any sinister aspect and illustrating the power of one blogger to wreak havoc on servers.

Since it's back up here's a snippet from the post, which was not penned by Johnson himself:
SusanUnPC explains Obama’s penchant for story prevarication, so I suggest you read that piece to understand exactly what a liar Obama really is. I will just encapsulate though: Much of what Barry has to say in I Want To Be President So I Think I will Write a Phony Biography Dreams Of My Father is, as his former classmate Ray says, “Bull“. This kind of makes it hard to believe barry’s remarks on national TV when he sacrificed his grandmother for Jeremiah Wright. Go ahead, read it. I’ll wait.
Wonder if she named her dog Snarky Von Schnauzer? Remember, these are Clinton backers. Perhaps operation chaos is really working! But the outtake here is whether these same folks will ever be able to find a way to pull the lever for Obama when the time comes.

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