Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wright on Moyers

Perhaps the "Big Tent Democrat" over at Talk Left should be demoted to the "Pup tent Democrat" for this comment regards Reverend Wright's testimonial with Bill Moyers:
I am no fan of Rev. Wright, and for the sake of the Democratic Party, I wish he would keep quiet until after November, but I agree with this:
"this" being Wright's answer to Moyer's question about why Obama was tough on him during the Philadelphia speech, to which the reverend said his faithful former supporter was just answering "as a politician". Thing is, he's not supposed to be running "as a politician".

As to Obama's 2007 comment re his pastor (whom he would have officially dumped at some point after the last time he unofficially dumped him during his campaign announcement), "and in my personal walk, I seek daily to imitate his faith", was that the politics or the faith doing the talking?

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