Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Trojan Horse named Barack

The more information trickles out, the more it seems Obama's proposed change is truly change. Take this:
Barack Obama’s “official campaign blogger,” Sam Graham-Felsen, is a hardcore Marxist—and even leftists like this are disturbed by his presence on the campaign staff:
Or take former domestic terrorist William Ayers. The question is not what Obama saw in him, it's what Ayers saw in Obama. He was the one who apparently helped kick off the campaign so he must have seen the potential--for something. It's doubtful a person like Mr. Ayers would back a man who didn't share his views.

Consider a scenario where some high-minded liberals were aspiring to sneak a candidate into the White House. Would they pick an obvious leftist such as McGovern or Dukakis or a more Clinton-like figure, someone capable of fooling the clinging, bitter masses and who'd break new political ground to boot?

Why not pick a black man, but one who wasn't "too black" (Sharpton questioned his blackness early on). Jesse Jackson ran on the same kind of populist platform in the 80s, but he was too black to sway the clinging bitter hillbillies. At the same time a candidate like Obama could make it very difficult for the opposition to bring up his past with Wright and Ayers by running a race devoid of race. Anyone who dared to bring up his past would then suffer the wrath of a racist label (Ferraro).

Perhaps only Barack Obama could pull off such a stunt. Ironically, perhaps only the Clinton machine could slow down or even derail it entirely, the outcome which is still in question. McCain could not bring up race, ie, Wright.

More amazingly, if Clinton manages to snare enough superdelegates to get the nomination she'll emerge looking almost conservative by comparison. Long odds at the point? Yes, so perhaps the question is whether an Obama-Clinton ticket could be defeated. Both are nearing the empty stage of their political skeleton closets ahead of the convention, whereas McCain has yet to see the slightest of incoming campaign salvos.

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