Sunday, April 27, 2008

Reverend Wright, Barack and Fox News

Wright is talking to the NAACP as this is being typed. It's on Fox News, who've made their Sunday programming almost nonstop Barack.

Obama's earlier interview on Wallace's show was uneventful despite the netroot's collective nervous breakdown. Predictable--Fox wants continued access to a man who might be president. Why badger someone they'll need access to later, especially if he becomes president? Obama used his eloquent interview/debate persona, quite different from the one he sometimes employs before partisan crowds, like reveling in the day the world will sigh a relief when Bush/Cheney are gone.

But all in all he scored some points with the moderates despite still not providing details on exactly what he found controversial about the Wright sermons he heard or why the ones he didn't should have been grounds for the bus toss.

In the All Stars post-analysis Juan Williams wondered if Wright was secretly shilling for Hillary by keeping himself in the public eye, something Brit Hume disagreed with rather strongly and was later proven right by Wright's performance before the NAACP and a national TV audience. The reverend may be about Obama, but he was clearly reveling in his own moment in the sun and taking every opportunity to finally get his message out to the "other side". It's prime time Wright time, baby!

And he's a darn good speaker and entertainer. His message about seeing and respecting the differences of others (mainly black folks) was fine and contained some immutable truths. Not sure taking the black race off the hook for not being able to say the word "ask" was warranted since Wright himself was articulate in many dialects (even singing classical) during the speech, but the bigger issue might be pointing out a bigger problem than currently exists. He rolled that into a general lament about man's inhumanity to man, one never to be completely solved on this earth, but his underlying message is clearly one of dumping some guilt on one certain sector of society over another.

This sounds cynical, but in the end a lot of things simply come down to wealth and power, and who has it, and who doesn't. Some believe the road to healing this gap is by redistributing the wealth and power, leaving the 64K question as describing the path. We've had 40 years of effort in changing the racial divide, and Chicago is still under siege due to gang violence. How will Barack change America if he can't even change Chicago? Will Obama suggest we redeploy our police forces from the South Side to force the local city councils to act?

Questions, questions. It's a good thing to preach a message of understanding and coming together, but what good does it do to simply excuse cultural differences and shift blame to others? When coupling Obama with folks like Wright, Ayers, Dorhn and his wealthy San Francisco donors the question becomes even more compelling because most of the changes desired by the reverend lie within the human heart and can be accomplished overnight free of charge without the aid of politicians. So how would these new politicians act to implement this "change"?

MORE 4/28/08

Everyone of faith believes God will eventually bring an end to things here on mother ship Earth. Ministers seem to disagree on the cause/effect, with Falwell and Robertson once saying our "chickens" were of a sexually immoral nature while Wright thinks they're racist against blacks and Muslims. Seems to me the judgment will come against the souls of all men regardless of color. In other words, the blacks, or whites, or browns are not going to survive the wrath due to some form of special dispensation.

Here's some more roost rhetoric, see if you can guess who said it:
If America is going down, and she is, who are the oppressed? It's either the Native American or you (Blacks). You have suffered worse than the Native American because the Native American can still speak some of his language, he knows something of his history. But you have been totally destroyed. And that's why God is angry with America. You may forgive her but I don't know that God ever will. She is going to have to do something real big to get out from under what's coming. I intend to make this known very clearly to America.
If you guessed it was from "one of the most important voices in the 20th and 21st century,", you'd be correct. Maybe somebody can ask reverend Wright what he thinks about the "Mother Wheel" and how the mountains were made.

Pretty crazy stuff, standing up there condemning the country and comparing us to al Qaeda (well, technically not "us" because it's likely he meant white folks with the exception of "Condiskeeza Rice", et al) It's beginning to look like Juan Williams was right about Wright--he seems to be on a mission to derail the Obama express. Either that, or he's the highest ranking secret member of Rush Limbaugh's 'operation chaos'.

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