Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Petraeus hearing

Like millions of others I've been watching as the Senate grills the general, especially Obama and Clinton. While I missed Obama's time, according to Mac Ranger he seems to have found his lost American flag lapel pin.

As to Hillary, she referred to a Washington Post article in an attempt to claim the general had recently admitted that neither side was satisfied with the progress made and therefore, according to his previous testimony last year, it justified giving up (my characterization). The general quickly reminded her of the rest of the WaPo article, essentially accusing her of cherry picking to make her point (my words). If there was a campaign PR moment worthy of a commercial, I didn't see it.

Perhaps the funniest moment I've seen was Senator Wicker's time in which he said it "would take a willing suspension of disbelief" to believe there has been no progress made or that AQ wasn't getting their butts kicked (again, my words). Ouch.

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