Friday, April 18, 2008

What earthquake?

Seems a lot of our northern friends, ie, yankees, are whining and caterwauling about today's little temblor temblors up near West Salem, Illinois. Ms. Althouse noticed way up in Madison, WI...hmmm, you'd think Madison would have a social program to prevent such a thing by now. Perhaps the residents will now become bitter and cling to Wicca and their ACLU lawyers.

And what about that Barack Obama? Global warming? Yaaah! He didn't say ONE DAD-BURNED THING about preventing earthquakes in the debate or afterwards during his bird-flipped whine. About that--dude, if you're gonna flip her the bird just do it, don't hide it. Guess that's the definition of new age politics.

So there was an earthquake. Neither I nor any of my few friends felt it, saw it, or heard it, nor did our animals. That's not to say it didn't happen, it surely did, but it wasn't a very big deal around Memphis no matter what WREC radio told me on the way to work this morning. Hey--we survived Iben Browning, thank you very much.

No folks, the image above is the real deal. It's so scary I was reluctant to post it without a rating, er again, because if when it happens it will make Katrina look like a picnic. And despite what the government might say, regardless of whether the government is Obama or McCain or Frosty the Snowman, don't believe them--they will not be there for us. At least not for about a week or two.

So we must learn to prepare by stockpiling cans of green beans and ramon noodles. Admittedly it's not easy with Bush in the White House (had to get in some pre-emptive blame). And can't forget the gas prices. Yep, I suppose a lot of folks will be clinging to God, guns, xenophobia and mistrust of weird strangers at that point, God forbid and Allah willing.

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