Sunday, November 09, 2008

Aunt Z Update

Many might be wondering if Obama's Aunt Z has fled back to Kenya as so ordered four years ago. Well, she's fled alright--further west into the shadows of Cleveland. And she plans to fight her deportation order:
“She will do whatever she can do to fight for the privilege to stay in America,” Ms Wong said. Details of Ms Onyango’s US asylum application have not been revealed, but it is believed to have been based on the claim that she might fall victim to ethnic violence in Kenya.
So she deliberately defied the law during a time she could have returned with zero fanfare but now can't return due to fanfare? Only in America.

Hey, now that she's in Ohio and in the public spotlight maybe the Office of Job and Family Services should start digging into her background, right?

Obama isn't talking much other than to say Aunt Z should be subject to all applicable laws. He didn't mention whether such enforcement would amount to terrorist tactics, though.

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