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Keeping on the change=same theme, pundits have spent the past few weeks marveling over Obama's relatively 'centrist' cabinet picks, mentioning at times the surprise and downright shock of his liberal base. These stories have even created an air, even if tongue-in-cheek, that Obama will be a third Bush term.

But are we jumping the gun?

A column on this subject by journalists Jim Tankersley and Mike Dorning appeared in at least two major newsers this morning. Here's the LA Times version and here's a Memphis Commercial Appeal version, which assigns the writers to the Chicago Tribune, so take your pick. [Side note--it appears the LA Times and Chicago Tribune are as one or perhaps share a Washington bureau. Interesting in that the Times is still sitting on the Rashid Khalidi tape, which the Trib supported, after having endorsed a presidential Democrat for the first time in their history.]

The wish list is not shocking--gay rights; union strong-arming rights via card check; falling sky environmental policies; and bailouts galore. When campaigning he told groups like ACORN they would even be part of his agenda-shaping transition team. Have we heard that announcement yet?

Then again, while pie-in-the-sky campaign promises got him elected, slow change seems to fit more with Obama's cautious personality (as far we anyone can tell). Perhaps today's column was designed as a gentle reminder that only so much caution will be tolerated. At some point he's gotta come through or put down his promises to force new coal plant investors out of business, take the secret vote away from workers and put people like James Hansen in charge of his environmental policies.

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