Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It All Comes Amanpouring Out

CNN's Christine Amanpour:
Actually, the whole world pronounced itself sick of what it perceived to be Bush's multipronged military approach. From the start, President Obama will have to tackle the campaign pledge that defined his candidacy: bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq and ending the war there.
Well yes, Iran is part of the world, and the tiny non-threatening country weighed in:
Iran Wednesday hailed the election of Barack Obama as the president of the US, saying the victory of the first black American dismantled the last racial barrier in the country’s politics. It said Obama’s victory signified the rejection by the American people of the era of incumbent George W. Bush, official IRNA news agency reported.
As did Hamas.

Such an interesting notion. Here's Chris Dodd and Hillary during the primary debates discussing Obama's "with us or with the terrorists" approach to Pockeeston, one not even shared by George the Horrible. Obama:

And here's Joe the VP trying to foster a really great world image:

Hmm. Some Afghans may not agree with such an approach, according to fair and balance media icon Joe Klein:
"We can say this with tremendous pride - we elected a man named Barack Hussein Obama," he said, adding that Afghans were now expressing hope that an Obama administration would negotiate with the Taliban to improve life there.
So perhaps we'll move the war into the tribal agencies and let the Tollybon have Afghanistan back? As to Iraq, what part of the less than ten US combat deaths in October along with plans to reasonably draw down the troops represents failure again? And which part of Obama's 2007 anti-surge "this war is lost" plan represents success? Confusing. Must be all the honking.

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