Tuesday, November 04, 2008

CNN Harrasses Joe the Plumber

As we wait for the inevitable this is a must-see:

A fitting final end to the year mainstream journalism died. Sanchez must have mistaken Joe as a candidate with all those pointed questions, including background history. Or maybe it's more descriptive to say that average Joes now get treated more like candidates than the candidates. Joe even mentioned this early on, which was perhaps some of the source of some of his grief. Thou shalt not question the ethics of the press or That One™!

He managed to get the word "principle" out several times but didn't effectively rebut Sanchez's ridiculous turnaround examples, such as the notion Joe didn't want to pay any taxes at all. Nonsense of course but a common tactic used by liberals on message boards because it paints their opposition as greedy and selfish while giving the arguer absolute moral authority as an advocate for the oppressed.

Ironic though, since Biblical teachings about selfishness and greed are usually rebuked as immoral in SOCAS debates and certainly not fit to be taught in public schools. But again, nobody is saying the rich shouldn't pay taxes, only that they shouldn't pay them all. Both agreed on a fair tax, which is not real progressive.

Bottom line, there's nothing more un-American than the concept of punishing success or having high-nosed bureaucrats spreading somebody else's wealth. We are a nation founded on individualism, although somebody needs to tell this Moran who could benefit from a re-read of elementary level teachings about America.

Oh by the way, if it comes out later than someone wrote in the name "Joe the Plumber" for the District 9 Congressional seat here in Tennessee, don't look at me.

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