Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sore Winners

Two columnists for the New York Times this morning are advocating Bush's removal from office before his time is up. The first, Thomas Friedman, suggests we amend the Constitution to move up the inauguration to Thanksgiving. The other, Gail Collins, opines that Bush and Cheney simply should resign and hand power to Pelosi until Barack takes the oath Jan 20.

It's hard to top Dan Reihl's reaction:
Fact: If Iraq is successful in holding on to its fragile, fledgling democracy and it begins to spread more broadly through the Middle-east, History will judge George Bush as a pivotal American President instrumental in turning around a particularly backward and malignant part of the world at a time when said world needed it most.

Fact: History will not remember Gail Collins at all. And the way they are going, that may one day prove true for the New York Times as well.
To be fair, Freidman understands the chances of an amendment passing are slim to none and slim left on last night's Greyhound, so instead he's advocating an immediate appointment of Obama's choice for Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner.

Aside from the fact it's a stupid argument to suggest constitutionally moving the inauguration to Thanksgiving based on what the country experienced in 2000, appointing Geithner would require going to confirmation with the Senate we have, not the Senate we elected. Say he finally gets confirmed by Christmas then desires to do something totally antithetical to the will of team Bush? Are we then to have a coup?

As to Ms. Collins, either the article is a joke or she has outed herself as a moonbat on par with Cindy Sheehan. The people didn't elect Nancy Pelosi and besides, Obama cannot effectively do much to stop the financial crisis just by moving his ash trash onto the Oval Office desk. His public works stimulus plan would stand a much better chance of passage with all the new Dems and especially if the Senate has a filibuster buster margin.

Not only that, but having Pelosi at the top seems a massive conflict of interest considering she'd return to her position as Speaker right after the inauguration, perhaps sheparding her own bills through Congress. Quite ridiculous and unhinged, especially coming from an organization that fought the fight against Bush's massage of the Constitution.

But stepping back from this it's quite a marvel to see all the calls for immediate action from the Times. Not saying we might not need it, but when McCain suspended his campaign to fly to DC it was alluded to as grandstanding by some.


Debbie said...

Give power to Pelosi? That is a scary thought. Friedman's a nut, the Times may soon be extinct. Dan Reihl is accurate.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Same to you and thanks Debbie. I plan to have a wonderful Thanksgiving, despite the cruel assassination of my turkey.. or should I say, execution. ;-) gobble, gobble..