Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Seminal Reverend Wright

The left is outraged with the return of Reverend Wright, charging team McCain with a desperation play (through a 527). I agree--the ad was a mistake. Who hasn't seen these lunatic rants by now, and more than once? What people haven't seen very much is Wright's explanation of why Obama stuffed him up under the bus after 20 faithful years:

"He does what politicians do". Translation: Wright thinks the disavowal was pure politics, which suggests he believes Obama's still down with the message but had to lie to the white folks to win. In a sane world that might shine light on Obama's other disassociations but in this one it comes off as racism.


Anonymous said...

He does what politicians do. A sentiment shared by prominent leaders of terrorist organizations, who said they understand why Obama is kissing up to Jewish-Americans during the presidential campaign.

Now if we could only get Jewish-American voters to acknowledge this fact before 4 November.

A.C. McCloud said...

Well, I'd add the promise of tax cuts and chasing AQ into Pockeeston as well.

We shall see.