Monday, November 03, 2008

Final Thoughts

Well, hopefully not final in the sense of final, but final for this election. And not a moment too soon.

Whew. O'Reilly was talking about McCain as if he'd already lost, this after whining about how Mac blew him off on the Factor. Meanwhile the other Foxers were lamenting on how horrible his campaign was--as if they'd already been tipped on the winner by the Illuminati. Access is important, I guess.

Anyway, permit me some thoughts and predictions..

The right was wrong about harping more on Wright. All likely voters saw the videos (or continuous loops on Fox as Obama called them) and heard about the terrorist connections. That dog was not gonna hunt or even shoot moose from a Cessna. If Obama wins William Ayers will probably sport a cocky condescending tone when he meets the mainstream media Wednesday to gloat about the victory. Heck, maybe he'll even reference his hope for change talking points from the Khalidi party video, who knows.


If Obama loses by a hair people will be outraged, probably spurred on by vein-popping rhetoric by peace-loving reverends like Jackson, Sharpton and Farrakhan. And Wright. And Pfleger. But I'm thinking there won't be any meta riots. The inner cities will flare up but many blacks are better off than when Rodney King was zapped in 1994 and people tend to get more conservative when they gain ground in an effort to protect their advancements. If trouble breaks out my guess is that Obama himself will step in and call for calm in an effort to set himself up for 2012. He'll only be 52 then.


He'll govern toward the left. Maybe the far left. Similar to Clinton in 1993, the Dems will probably figure they'll need to move fast while the irons are hot. I've been on the fence as to whether he'd trend moderate to protect his Congress in 2010 but the chickens will be coming home to roost--he'll have no choice but to spread the feed around. One sure way to judge might be to watch whether Pelosi and/or Reid are dethroned from their leadership positions or fitted for togas.


The future is Sarah Palin or people like her. Under that veneer of media-spread bullshiite there is a Bible-believing common sense moderate conservative family woman who thinks more about 'right vs wrong' rather than 'left vs right'. Based on the Dem/media tarring of the GOP as a bunch of crooks this simply MUST be the future of the party for it to survive a massive loss.


Obama, if he wins, will not be remembered in history books as a tax cutter (unless he succeeds in controlling the writing of history). He WILL go after global warming via caps and trades and stuff--he'll have no choice as Gore will be breathing down his neck no matter how cold it gets. Obama is as close to a socialist as Bernie Sanders but he'll be restricted from going too far here in center-right AmeriKKKa so he'll have to be careful lest the peasants rebel, but nothing will stop him from placing liberal justices in every slot imaginable, probably to include Judge Judy.

On the war front he will not invade Pakistan, Syria, Iran, or anywhere else in search of al Qaeda but will likely engage in some skirmishes ala Biden, just like Clinton's bombing of Saddam's Baghdad Mukhabarat after the World Trade Center was attacked, er, I mean after Bush 41 was attacked. Or almost attacked. Or rumored to have been targeted. Gotta show some toughness off the bat.


!Viva la revolucion! Bienviedo los Estados Unidos, and here's the website to sign up for health care (something that rich, selfish, unpatriotic achievers will be providing). And that's just McCain.


If you must be told which way Obama and/or McCain will break on these issues you must be dumb.


If my above scribblings haven't given it away that's a good thing. Although conventional mainstream media wisdom is that Obama has already won actual wisdom usually waits for events to occur (unless one is a weatherman or financial planner). I have no clue as to the winner. I'll go vote, grab the popcorn and watch like everyone else. But one thing is sure--if Obama wins the world will not end, at least not this week. If Obama wins and the Dems also get a filibuster-proof cushion in the Senate I reserve the right to amend that comment. And if McCain wins I reserve the right to pass out.

UPDATE 11/04/08

I was wrong about Ayers' appearance in front of the media on has already occurred, and it's just as achingly pathetic as his dustup with the Fox reporter:
Ayers said he blames what he called liberal media outlets for failing to dismiss Obama's acquaintance with him as a case of guilt by association, likening it to the way the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth created a narrative that helped doom Sen. John F. Kerry four years ago.

"The dishonest narrative is that guilt by association has some validity," Ayers said, saying the performance of the media was "kind of shameful."
Shameful? He was hiding from the media; they were hiding from him; and the Obama campaign was all over the map trying to distance themselves. But hey, as Ayers once said to some students, "history is a motherf**ckr". One has to wonder if he'll now make the morning show TV rounds.

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LASunsett said...


If Obama wins and things get Carteresque (as I highly suspect they will), I think Newt could be persuaded his country needed him. If it got bad enough for people to overlook his negatives and listen to his message, I think he would have a real chance in 2012.

Another guy to watch would be Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN), as well as Palin. If you could ever hear him talk, you'd be amazed at how much he sounds like a combo of Reagan and Gingrich. But whether he can get enough exposure to make a national run, remains to be seen.