Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Times Explains All

Do not fear the word:
His triumph was decisive and sweeping, because he saw what is wrong with this country: the utter failure of government to protect its citizens. He offered a government that does not try to solve every problem but will do those things beyond the power of individual citizens: to regulate the economy fairly, keep the air clean and the food safe, ensure that the sick have access to health care, and educate children to compete in a globalized world.
Not sure what part of zero catastrophic domestic attacks since 9/11 represented a Bush failure, or more specifically, a failure by the Military, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, ICE and all the other agency folks working hard for Dumbo the Horrible and the American people. In the Times' world such a collective was bad, but Obama's new collectivism will be ready to challenge the tough issues Joe the Plumber himself can't, like illegal immigration:
Mr. Obama also will have to rally sensible people to come up with immigration reform consistent with the values of a nation built by immigrants and refugees.
Would those be the sensible people that long ago stopped believing the Times verbatim? Just wondering. That brings to mind Illegal Immigrant One, Aunt Z. At last check President-Elect America-Government was drawing the line on her, dammit--the laws must be enforced! Unless the media loses interest first. Apparently the Times did yesterday.

But that's not all!
Climate change is a global threat, and after years of denial and inaction, this country must take the lead on addressing it. The nation must develop new, cleaner energy technologies, to reduce greenhouse gases and its dependence on foreign oil.
Pay no mind to the fact that CO2 has a half-life in the atmosphere over seventy five years and that we can't do squat to significantly affect climate change, Barack will at least do something about it--by skyrocketing taxes on the rich to spur development money into new technologies (definition of rich to be provided later, all rights reserved. Void without permission).

Finally, while smacking George Dubya all over the park the Times managed to laud old man McCain, welcoming him back into the liberal teepee again now that he's not a threat solely based on one magnanimous concession speech that asked Americans to support their prez. Too bad the Times didn't preach that line to their BDS flock eight years...or four years ago. But it is an excellent example of why their stock is practically junk.

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