Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ayers on GMA

As predicted, only a tad later:
In his first television interview since he became the center of controversy in the presidential race, Chicago activist Williams Ayers breaks his silence in an exclusive interview with Chris Cuomo on Friday's "Good Morning America."
Of course, any idiot could have predicted that a cowardly ex-revolutionary who called the pigs police on a Fox News reporter might suddenly emerge from his pre-election cone of silence to gloat and join the Palin pile-on.

A tougher prediction is whether GMA will ask the professor whether Obama shares his views on the evils of capitalism (it would seem rather prudent under the circumstances) or about Chavez's education reforms. Or when he first met Barack. Or why he stayed out of the limelight if Obama hardly knew him.

MORE 11/14/08

Cuomo did a fairly decent job but he simply didn't have enough time or moxey to do what was necessary. A couple of points stood out to me:

1. Ayers said his WU acts were NOT despicable, contradicting Obama's view.

2. Ayers bragged of having edited 13 books. Sorta brings Cashill's conspiracy into the realm of reed thin possible.

3. Cuomo had Prairie Fire in his hand and didn't ask whether Ayers still believes in the tenets of that manifesto, nor did he show the picture of the distinguished respected prof stomping the flag.

4. He didn't delve into Ayers' recent trips to Venezuela and his praise for Chavez's education reforms, which could have easily been mixed into a question about whether the two shared beliefs or ever discussed what type of reforms they wanted for Chicago and America. If Obama had no clue as the philosophy of Ayers or had never talked at length with the man who organized the Annenberg challenge then why was he serving as its president? This suggests he's either stupid, overly opportunistic, or down with the theme. And we know he's not stupid.

5. Ayers admitted he had a coffee to kick-off Obama's political career, but said Obama also went to about 20 other houses that day. We know Ayers donated 250 dollars to the 1995 campaign at that point, so this is firm. Yet during the final debate with McCain, Obama said the following:

At the 3:35 mark Obama denies he started his political career in Ayers' living room.
Interestingly, this time Obama called him a professor of education, not english. He also admitted to the challenge (which he didn't when Hillary mentioned Ayers). Obama then created a strawman by refuting the notion Ayers was an advisor or would work in the administration, which nobody had ever accused anyone of suggesting.

Again, team Obama and his liberal apologia have repeatedly blurred the issue. It was never about the terrorist acts, it was about his unrepentant nature. It was never about serving on a board together, it was whether they shared goals.

Ayers is getting his 15 minutes (on his terms) and will soon fade away. But the question of their relationship and when they actually first met along with Barack's mysterious New York years may never be answered. The sun shines only on the future.

MORE 11/15/08

CNN presents their defense of Ayers, as told by Ayers and CNN. They even defended Obama without even quoting him:
Asked about the issue in his final debate with McCain, Obama, who was 8 years old at the time of the Weather Underground bombings, said he has "roundly condemned those acts."
The "when I was 8" thing really worked, eh? Funny, Ayers didn't call his attacks detestable--even now, when Obama is 48. CNN also didn't expand upon the comment Ayers made about ending "the wars", plural, meaning he wants to end the war in Afghanistan. Digging into that pit might turn up some serious Wright-style hate America gruel. Remember, Obama was still a member of TUCC through 2005, the year he says he last had contact with Ayers. Wright likes to use old sayings like chickens coming home to roost, how about birds of a feather?

But OK, I can hear the talk-- " A.C., the election is over. You lost. Why harp on Ayers? You are becoming Obama deranged". Perhaps it's because I don't like false narratives anymore than the unrepentant, Marxist-loving, flag stomping, double-hooped hippie trying to pass one off now in an effort to further tear down his long time opponent--the United States of America.

MORE 11/16/08

Here they are again, pontificating airily about the meaning of the election. To paraphrase, "the racist pigs (McCain voters) were turned back at the gate by the heroic Obama voters, who ushered in the generation of worldwide love brought forth by the light worker leaving the fear of the 9/11 era behind".

Or even the fear of hazy presidential associations with unrepentant ex-radicals who still believe the very tenets of their 60s platform to change America.

We can now move back to fearing the climate, food shortages, poisoned apples and toys.

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