Thursday, August 06, 2009


The July temp results are in--

Kinda chilly, eh? But it means almost nothing as to climate change, they say (they are mostly right).

So what were 'they' saying about this cool snap? Well, a few of they got together last week in DC and did indeed chat about extreme weather in relation to climate change:
Secretary Locke...These trends are causing more extreme weather, coastal and agricultural degradation, droughts and wildfires. And, just yesterday, Seattle reported an all-time high in its temperature, reaching 103 degrees. Vancouver, Washington reached 107 degrees. Seattle is expected to hover at the 100-degree temperature mark for this entire week...

Senator Kerry...For Secretary Locke, are you serious, 103 degrees?

Secretary Locke...One hundred and three degrees in Seattle yesterday. We moved the whole family out yesterday, caught the plane at 1:00 in the afternoon, but before that visited with my mom and dad who are elderly, making sure that they were drinking a lot of liquids and trying to cool down the house as much as possible.
But the day before, I think we reached about 98, 99 degrees in Seattle, and the rest of the week, all through Saturday and Sunday, it should be close to 100 degrees.

Kerry...Then you'll feel very comfortable in Washington.
Not really. The July average temp at Reagan National was a balmy 2.3 degrees BELOW normal, with only 7 days at or above 90. And they were one of the warm spots! New York City never hit 90 all month long. They didn't even hit 87.

Yet there 'they' were happily jawboning about how 100 degree temps in Seattle somehow say something about drastic manmade global warming, just as they say cannot be done when it's cold. Sheer madness. Actually no, it's just politics.

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