Sunday, August 02, 2009

Watts up with LGF?

He may be trolling for angry emails again but LGF has pointed to meteorologist Anthony Watts' efforts to scrub a You Tube video by enviro-activist Peter Sinclair due to copywright infringement without the least bit of context.

Our formerly intrepid debunker completely ignored Sinclair's rather moonbattiish WMD Iraq innuendo at the end of a tape on climate along with images of Watts next to Beck, Limbaugh and Savage.

He also ignored the data cutoff of 1950 used in Sinclair's graph that allegedly disproved Watts' surface station book, which conveniently eliminated an unexplained warm period in the 30 and 40s and maintained the politically-correct upward trend of temperatures climate change advocates rely on. Had Johnson explored (or even linked) Watts' counter-point post he would have found out that Sinclair was a graduate of the Al Gore climate camp and a long-time enviro activist in Michigan.

So, whether it was out of paranoia about the conservative movement in the age of Obama, ambivalence in posting, or just a stunt to get more hits, the end result is that it's pretty much a "crock". Mr. Johnson can do much better.

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