Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun with Chester Arthur

MSNBC on the notion that Chester Arthur wasn't a natural born citizen:
"It's an old rumor that won't die, political slander," said John Dumville, who runs Vermont's historic sites and knows well the legend. "It's a fun story, and it comes up every year. People latch on to it and they've read about it somewhere and they want to know more."
Somehow that's a 'fun story' and the people who question Arthur's birth aren't generally known as crazed wackos. But questioning Obama's birth records, in any way, calls for newspaper reporters to explain such people as 'birthers' who think his Hawaiian certificate is "fake".

But is it not true that while some may think it's a fake, others may believe the info presented on the COLB but question what's on his complete birth record, still maintaining its virginity in the Vital Records building in Honolulu? Or that some may wonder why his birth announcements in the local papers mentioned an address of a professor at the local university? Or that the story presented in "Dreams" isn't quite accurate as to those early days? Ah well, maybe one day all of this will be a fun story, too.

MORE 8/17/09

Somebody finally found Obama's illegal alien Auntie Z and asked her about the birther controversy:
President Barack Obama’s aunt, who is fighting deportation, says her nephew was born in Hawaii and she can’t understand claims that he is not a natural-born American citizen.
Here's the actual WKYC Cleveland story, which includes video. But the birther conspiracy isn't nearly the main story here.

Several times during the story Auntie Z is placed in the proximity with Obama after her deportation hearing in 2004. Did she lie to Barack about the verdict? Did Obama know she had been deported and was officially on the lamm? You might say, 'so what' either way but the point goes towards honesty.

Oddly (or not) the nephew who 'lifted up the Obama name' around the world has said he will tackle immigration next year when Congress comes back in session in January. Her next deportation hearing is in February. As to the claim she got a hip replacement--rather stunning news in the midst of a health care debate--only Sweetness and Light seems to know for sure but everyone already knows about her receiving public assistance, the insinuation being the taxpayers funded it. But there are possibilities that could take the sting off it, such as a wealthy benefactor paying the tab. If so, perhaps our intrepid media can find out who it was.

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