Sunday, August 23, 2009

Send Better Proposals

Obama once again seemed to lecture Americans on his "your weekly address" production regards spreading 'disinformation' about his excellent health care plan for one and all. The linked article contains a article that busts him (again) for spreading disinformation his ownself. Wee wee on these politicos, they know nothing about health care.

Here's a proposal by a doctor. There are some insightful comments from people in the industry in the replies as well. We need more stuff like this before this thing goes down and can't be reversed. Reform is needed, but there is no reason to rush and leave a manipulated system that will mostly benefit one political party and a handful of special interests.

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Debbie said...

I see a real push from the far Left to get this passed, not matter what or how... They demand a public option, it tasks them and they shall have it!

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth