Friday, August 07, 2009

A Town Hall in Memphis

Congressman Steve Cohen is holding a Town Hall on Saturday at 10 AM here in Memphis. Here's one of the fliers:

If a bunch of well-dressed opponents of govt health care show up and get loud, let it be known upfront--they weren't necessarily organized by insurance magnates or Dick Cheney, they might well have been invited by Congressman Cohen himself.

Anyway, here's hoping for a peaceful outpouring of democracy with all citizens given a voice regardless of how distasteful their views or passions might be. Remember, dissent is patriotic!


Sounds like a raucous time was had by all; about 500 in attendance that turned into a "shouting match". Here's one comment left at the local paper's site:
I was at this meeting. Nothing I've read in the news yet tells the story that of the 10 or 11 doctors who spoke, all but 2 are vehemently opposed to government run health care. The 2 who were for it, still did not like it in it's current form.

I'm sure the liberal Commercial Appeal will overlook this fact when it's in the Sunday paper.
Not sure, but this seems to be a developing trend.

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