Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Status Quo Isn't Working, Indeed

How does a president fight back against an unwilling population and unfavorable videos from town halls? He scripts one of his own, and gets favorable media coverage to turn the tide! CNN covers this one, featuring a common refrain:
He called a health care overhaul essential for ensuring long-term economic stability while ensuring that that virtually all Americans have access to health insurance. "The status quo is not working for you," Obama said, to applause.
Neither is the status quo on reform working so far. It's a mess, actually. Obama seems to be saying that his and only his reform is the way, which is part of the reason old geezers and handicapped people have been recently hitting the streets--they don't trust the man who worked for school reform with a guy like William Ayers. And they don't completely understand it, either. There's a lot of noise from both sides.

All the more reason to hold a giant health care rountable event, where ALL stakeholders can get a guaranteed amount of time to present their concerns and gulp, alternate ideas, to government officials and a national audience. Host it with big name bloggers, not MSM flacks. And make sure the politicians cannot hijack the format and filibuster, as Obama has done in several of his health care made-for-TV adventures.

This is far too important a change for Americans to take the president's word on it verbatim, or that of arrogant elected officials who have the temerity to scold honest hard-working citizens for daring to speak out before permanent 'change' is rammed down their throats in a few weeks.

MORE 8/11/09

Can this be called 'disinformation'?
In selling his plan, Obama listed off the endorsements he has received from industry groups, but he may have overstated support when he said, "We have the AARP on board" and that "the AARP would not be endorsing a bill if it was undermining Medicare."

The organization refuted that statement, saying that while the organization shares the president's commitment to act this year and wants to work with lawmakers, "indications that we have endorsed any of the major health care reform bills currently under consideration in Congress are inaccurate."
And here we see the main problem with the sales staff--they've promised record levels of transparency, riding into power on the backs of the previous occupants through a viscous portrayal of past secrecy and war crimes, yet seem to be rather casual with the facts and loathe to open the windows to show the hot dogs being made.

At the same time they are setting up web sites to glorify their glorious grip on the truth and the disinformation from their opponents, a virtual giant Redwood tree of hubris.

BTW, Obama's comparison of the public option being USPS and the health insurers turning into FedEx and UPS was pretty funny. It's as if he's suggesting we set up a huge bureaucracy, fund it through confiscatory taxes and fill it with draconian red tape and regulations, just so we can get private sector insurance companies to lower costs. Pelosi said it the other day--America has been waiting since Teddy Roosevelt for health care reform. We can wait until a sensible plan shows up that everyone understands.


Debbie said...

You are correct, we can't take Obama's word, because his word changes from audience to audience. Who's the real Obama, what dies he really believe, what does he really plan to do. Well, most of us know, but there are lots of uninformed American voters out there who don't bother to READ anything or educate themselves. God help us all.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Anonymous said...

The Status Quo is why we are in this mess. Heathcare failing to reach many people, no social security, pensions being snatched are all factors in why the healthcare reform is essential. Im not in total favor of government controlled healthcare, but healthcare left up to the insurance companies alone has not been the answer. There needs to be a balance of corporate and government input so all can get efficient and effective healthcare. It's amazing how we all complained about healthcare in the U.S. for decades but now everyone is content with our system and dont want any changes.Healthcare should be for the people and not for record profits.

LASunsett said...


You are right, the current system has many problems that have not been addressed. But I think it's important to not misinterpret the frustration of those who are not supporting the proposals, currently being put forth by an out of control Congress and Administration. There is much misrepresentation by those in control of the government and most of the MSM.

Anytime you have a bill that is well over 1000 pages, there will be cause for concerns by average citizens. It isn't too much to ask those who represent us to read and understand the contents.

As one who knows the healthcare industry well, take my word for it. If your goal is to provide coverage for those who have none, this is NOT the best way to do it. The President and Congressional Leaders both know this, yet they are proceeding anyway.

Before you sign on to this thing as a viable answer, you should ask some serious questions. Once you do, you'll better understand why people are not happy.

A.C. McCloud said...

Anonymous, I don't completely disagree with you but I agree more with LA. What's being floated now should not be swallowed just because we need to do something. As I've been pumping on this blog, anything this large and complex with as many downline ramifications should NEVER be rammed through so we can 'tinker with it later'. That's irresponsible, and I think it's why so many people are upset.