Friday, August 07, 2009

Bully in the Pulpit

Via Breitbart:

Evidently he was referring to the insurance companies but even so, to stand in the bully pulpit and deny that ANY law-abiding American should have a voice in open democracy is beyond arrogant. Into moon shot territory.

It almost seemed like the partisan audience got that feeling too, at least a little, clapping less after the second time he said it. That's probably why he made the comment "am I right, Virginia?" at the end (laughing at his own remark) since speakers don't usually ask for confirmation if the first effort goes over well.

So we have a community organizer in the White House scolding people for organizing their communities. The same fellow once told bankers he was the only thing standing between them and the pitchforks, the same pitchforks who'd just been bused into tony New York neighborhoods to harass AIG employees (but don't call it manufactured). Now, when the pitchforks are held by average citizen adversaries he's grabbing one for himself. Rather unsportsmanlike.

This same chap once said 'just words' when talking about the speeches of great men. Well, his words today may ring out awhile. Yet he had to know that. He was on the prompter. He certainly knows there are a lot of angry voters and he knows they aren't all astroturfers. He knows.

He also knows a lot of those angry voters reside in tenuous Blue Dog districts, which hold the key to 2010 mid terms. Yet despite all that knowledge he still spits fire and threatens a party line vote on his plan. Why? Is he setting up governance through strong arm or does this simply illustrates the desperate window the Dems think they've got to lock in socialized meds and ensure their power for decades? If the latter then they're liable to do anything. And indeed we're seeing it.

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