Sunday, August 09, 2009

Rumors of Prosecution

The LA Times is floating yet another "Holder is strongly leading toward a criminal investigation into CIA torture abuses". The headline makes it seem likely; the story makes it sound less so.

Tom 'Scooter' Maguire speculates that it might be a last ditch effort to please the left base should socialized medicine and cap/trade go bust; if it ever occurs I think it'll be designed to get everyone's eyes off the shell containing the pea.

If such a diversion is unsuccessful then as stated, this dog and pony show (to get few results) will likely go on forever or at least until the 2010 campaign season. That allows the MSM to conveniently bunny trail back over to the evils of Bush/Cheney any time things get tight, which got ObamaCo elected in the first place.

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