Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Evil-Mongering In Our Time

TPM seems to be particularly shocked and perturbed at Karl Rove's comment today on Fox about what might happen if he'd been caught sending out political emails to people who had never signed up for them, defending as follows:
White House officials have said they only get addresses through their web site, and have blamed third parties for possibly signing people up without their permission. But Fox, and Rove, are not convinced.
Sure, other than the obvious fact that "third parties", or even second parties, have no business dealing with information given to the main White House party without their consent or knowledge coupled with the fact some are still fixated over emails perused by Bush to track terrorists, Rove is just flat dead wrong. Who can't see that?

In truth there is a group of people whose daily lives seem to be nourished by hating Cheney, Rove and anyone tangentially involved in their purported criminal crimes, such as Bob Novak so it's not hard to understand why they wouldn't see any problem with a president asking his supporters to narc out their fellow citizens complete with an email addy only to follow a week later by sending out unsolicited emails to folks who never signed up for any such thing.

But as was proven again today a sizable portion of the American left lives in a world of shallow stereotypes about their adversaries, glorified by Hollywood, Saturday Night Live, the mainstream press and nutrootaville. This reality is as transparent as an Obama promise on signing statements, which means they can't see it. Employing some spot group analysis it might stem from a general insecurity about being 'right' about everything to prove their stereotypically ignorant and unworthy opposition as the morons they obviously are. Well, unless that's just a stereotype from Rush Limbaugh.

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