Saturday, August 08, 2009

How About A Health Care Summit?

President Obama used his weekly radio address to talk about health care, saying in no uncertain terms that 'reform' would be passed this year, case closed.

Those tactics are rather stiking for a president. He seems to be resorting to hurry up offense with plenty of pushing and shoving, as if only two minutes are left on the clock. It's quite remarkable. When president Bush tried to reform Social Security there were similar strong feelings on both sides but Bush never forced the issue to this point, even with a Republican majority.

It's odd, since the normal protocol for Obama when facing a tough stalemate between warring factions is to call for diplomacy and dialogue, especially when one party has the advantage (like America). His approach to enemies like Venezuela, Cuba, Iran and North Korea is to call for meetings without preconditions, being careful not to offend and tarnish the image of our country. Hmm, does he think the American people opposing his reforms are not worthy of the same treatment? It's not like the tinpots don't have mobs, they do--real ones.

So how about this--Obama should come to the people with hat in hand and invite us to a large town hall meeting, with no preconditions. The networks can host. He can invite all the 'stakeholders': doctors, insurance companies, medical school professors, personal injury lawyers, medical technicians, ambulance drivers, and average people affected by medical bills to sit around a massive roundtable and talk this out in a civilized manner.

Don't we deserve the same diplomacy Obama would offer the Mullahs in Iran before being forced into a health system similar to, well, Iran's? That's the liberal way, isn't it?

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