Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Caucus predictions

Here goes:

1) Edwards
2) Clinton
3) Obama

1) Huckabee
2) Romney
3) Thompson

A shot in the dark, but hey, this is a blog.


Well, got the GOP right, mostly. Obama has an historic victory, convincing, and if he turns around New Hampshire based on this victory we're gonna see the Hillary howitzers come out very soon.

On the other side, Romney took one to the gut and McCain scored without even trying. Huck's man Ed Rollins was on Fox earlier being grilled about the story all over the web about his overheard dinner table conversation. He was as pissed as a man can get on national TV without having lost his composure. As to the victory, Rollins said it was the message. Thing is, what IS the message? Perhaps Iowans know it, since they've likely been bombarded with TV commercials but after watching numerous debates I've missed all but the snappy one-liners.

And Ron Paul? Will his Paulbots claim the Caucus was rigged?

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