Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday night's alright for fighting

This is sort of an open thread on today's caucus/primary action, the football, basketball, with a little music at the end.

On Hillary's win in Nevada:
Clinton, who won last week's New Hampshire primary, was winning the Latino vote by a nearly 3-1 margin in Nevada, according to entrance polls. Latinos make up about a quarter of the state's population and 14 percent of caucus participants, those polls found.
If this holds true it represents a very interesting dynamic. Latinos now outnumber blacks. In trying to understand why they might prefer Hillary over Obama it's tempting to make generalizations; Hillary has made bigger promises and well, she's not black. The real reason is no doubt more complicated, but if the trend continues the Latino voting block could swing the election to Mrs Clinton presuming she keeps the female vote.

As to Romney, no news there--NOT winning would be news what with all those LDS voters in Nevada. Of course, some might suggest McCain's loss in a neighboring state says something, but Nevada and Arizona are different.

Now to the sports. The Carolina Tarheels are no longer undefeated. Yes, they are a long-time AC favorite but Maryland just outplayed them all game long. NC coach Roy Williams remarked to Brent Musberger that his team hasn't really played well enough to be undefeated and it was evident in the last game, and definitely this one. The Terps doubled and put some physical pressure on Tyler Hansbrough and shut him down pretty much, and that made all the difference. But a loss can be good sometimes, and now they're no longer on the pedestal. Let's see how the Memphis Tigers deal with it!

As to tomorrow's football...I'm taking the Chargers and Packers. Just because I can. And what better place to announce it?

Politics, sports, now music. As the title suggests, here's some Elton John:

Not what you were thinking maybe? 'Til later..

MORE 1/19/08

Just watched Huckabee's and McCain's speeches. Although he was hiding it well, Huck displayed less enthusiasm than previous speeches (it almost had the air of a sermon). As the pundits said, if he can't win South Carolina, he really has some problems. McCain gave a good speech, probably as presidential as I've seen yet. Age a problem for you (71)? Don't worry--dude's mom was with him on stage.

The pundits put it this way--McCain is becoming a sort of 'last man standing'. The polls suggest he could beat Hillary in the general. GOP voters will be thinking about that more and more as we move forward, especially if Hillary pulls out a win in South Carolina. They may also be asking themselves, "who would I rather have in office if another terror attack happens?".

Fred was once the cure for McCain's maverick dalliances. But as much as I've tried to defend him here, he just couldn't put out the kind of energy that even a 71 year old could. That's his style, and I respect him greatly for not morphing into something he wasn't, but in the end too many voters must have taken it as a sign his heart wasn't fully in it. And let's face it, there was no question about McCain, Huck or Mitt. Fred may well end up serving in some capacity before it's all said and done, though.

MORE 1/20/08

Er, how bout those Chargers? Ahem. We'll keep the day job--three interceptions and it still wasn't in doubt by the fourth quarter. Yeah, pretty silly.

Game time temp in Green Bay...minus 1. That's almost too cold for hockey.

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