Thursday, January 31, 2008

Democrat debate

It's like the Academy Awards with all the stars in the crowd trying to decide which liberal is best. OK, here goes..

On illegal immigration.. blah, blah, amnesty, Repubs were mean-spirited, drivers licenses...ah hell, let's just cut to the chase..

Iraq. Hillary continued her astronomically dumb meme "if I'd known then what I know now"--a backhanded way of saying Bush lied to her. It's something she's been getting away with for many months but Wolf finally called her on it, shocker, which produced the only seminal moment of the debate. She immediately called up the best friend of politicians in trouble--the filibuster--and produced one even God couldn't follow, throwing in a few Bushitler references for good measure. Mission accomplished?

Negatory. Wolf called her on that, too, going nuclear with the Bill Maher question, "were you naive and fooled by Bush?". Wow. Cat calls from the Hollywood elite in the crowd! I thought I heard a guy say, "c'mon Wolf, stop trying to get accountability, geez" but I'm not sure. Anyway, that finally elicited a more humanly genuine reply, acknowledging that Saddam was indeed a dangerous dude as her husband's administration constantly reminded us, as did she. A rather refreshing moment for CNN.

But the stunning thing was the shallow withdrawal from both candidates over timetables for redeployment. For the first time we heard someone mention the 100,000 American contractors working in Iraq and the local citizens who've put everything on the line to help us, and how a rapid retreat might affect them. Sounds like some change might already be in the wind, eh?

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