Thursday, January 10, 2008

She is woman, will she roar?

Jiminy frickin Christmas:
Hillary's disdain for masculinity fits right into the classic feminazi package, which is why Hillary acts on Gloria Steinem like catnip. Steinem's fawning, gaseous New York Times op-ed about her pal Hillary this week speaks volumes about the snobby clubbiness and reactionary sentimentality of the fossilized feminist establishment, which has blessedly fallen off the cultural map in the 21st century. History will judge Steinem and company very severely for their ethically obtuse indifference to the stream of working-class women and female subordinates whom Bill Clinton sexually harassed and abused, enabled by look-the-other-way and trash-the-victims Hillary.
It's hard to imagine Rush Limbaugh topping that. No comment other than, damn.

Amidst the verbal undressing Paglia took time to offer a few interesting points, perhaps the boldest being the notion that electing a woman with a man problem--a woman who'll be the leader of the free world with her finger near the button and responsible for dealing with oft-hostile male-dominated governments with misogynistic leaders, might be something to carefully consider. Followed by a vote for Obama.

After all, Hillary got misty-eyed over her failure to completely dominate after only ONE primary. How might she react if China, Iran, or Syria pulled some embarrassing stunt that made her look weak and trembly on the world stage? Would all that repressed man-hate come pouring out on a warhead for Pyongyang? Or would we be replacing cowboy diplomacy with crybaby diplomacy? They keep talking about 'change' and those would clearly be changes.

Personally I've always been more concerned with her domestic agenda than foreign affairs, figuring her natural battleaxe persona combined with years of living with Bill had hardened her immeasurably.

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