Saturday, January 26, 2008

Political haze

It was pretty clear the Clintons were trying to divide the vote in South Carolina. While novices such as myself could see something brewing early on, pros like Dick Morris understood from the root level and predicted things with unusual clarity. His former boss didn't waste any time making him prophet-like by throwing an inside slider at Barack's shin by subtly comparing him to Jesse Jackson. Does anyone not see their shamefully transparent strategy? Well, yes.

Some of us saw Bill Clinton for what he was during his first national TV appearance in New Hampshire in 1991. Others had hopes for the new JFK, and reality has taken a bit longer to sink in:
It made me wonder: Were the conservatives right about Bill Clinton all along? Maybe not right to set up a perjury trap so they could impeach him, but right about the Clintons' essential nature?
Pardon me, but does a bear take a dump in the woods? As Mr. Allahpundit ruefully asked, can people actually be this deluded? Sure. Many accuse those of us who've defended Bush of the same infraction. And we're guilty to some degree, at least to the point of looking the other way about bad things while explaining how the good outweighs the bad. Kool Aid any way you er, slice it.

But for heaven's sake there are some absolutes in this world! While all politicians are pretty much sleazy there are different levels of sleazeball. The left finally has a candidate who comes closer to the JFK vision than do the Clintons, which has allowed a purifying ray of sunshine to creep into the room. We can only wonder if it'll kill the vampires.

If it does, they'll likely carry on as zombies anyway. The Clintons are nothing without their power pursuit, so chances are we've not seen the last maneuver by a long shot. Bill is being used as a handy headline generator while Hillary lays low, all the while knowing she can reign him in when things get rough, explaining his actions as those of an overzealous husband lovingly supporting his wife. Some will still buy it, but not as many as before. Only time will tell if the coming smears can get the rest of the horses back in the barn. And you just know a big one is coming.

MORE 1/27/08

Yet another theory--Hillary was leading in many of the South Carolina polls until Iowa, then began to precipitously fall, eventually being overtaken by Obama by a healthy margin come primary day. How to spin? The Clinton machine knows the media well--they knew MSM reporters would simply herald an Obama victory as a momentum shifter without mentioning the voter demographics. The Clintons didn't want the public to miss the racial breakdown, hence, they began to play the race card to get people's attention on that fact.

Under this theory the Clintons come out slightly less slimy than Morris's grand racial division plan, simply trying anything possible to positively spin a Hillary loss to keep Barack's Mo in check.

OH, BOB...HE LOVES ME 1/29/08

The rotten, two-timing b*stard really loves me.

As predicted.

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