Saturday, January 05, 2008

Side tracks

A few days ago it was down to 9 degrees here in the Mid South. It's warming up now...way up...which probably means imminent tornadoes in a day or two (not cynical, just reality around here in winter). So here's a gentle reminder of summer from Seals and Crofts.

Dash. Pretty unique name, eh? Few have copied it. Now to another band with a similar feel, America. A lot of people poo-poo'd their sound back in the 70s but they sold a gazillion albums. I liked most of their stuff except Muskrat Love. According to their Wiki site the main members were all military brats with English mothers and American dads.

Not sure if Daisy Jane is still in Memphis. It's interesting that so many artists like to drop the name Memphis into their songs, probably due to the romantic notion of the blues and Elvis. Apparently few have ever lived here. But that's OK, I guess. Have a great weekend...

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