Thursday, January 03, 2008

Well poisoning

As we await this evening's Iowa Caucus the political universe is producing some very interesting stories:
It is a title that would be sure to bring either fear or cheer to many Americans, depending on your political leanings: Supreme Court Justice Bill Clinton.
Fear isn't the operative word--more like hilarity. To think an impeached, disbarred, spotlight-addicted former president would even be considered for the SCOTUS (by his wife) is pretty far-out. There are limits--even from the Democratic leadership.

It's obviously sway the electorate time. For example, some voters might have a problem with the notion of Bill lounging around the White House and sticking his nose into presidential affairs (pardon the pun) but if they thought she might give him something constructive to do, such as stirring up trouble for the cause in the conservative-leaning high court, it might change their thinking.

At the same time we've seen a blevy of stories hinting the imminent demise of Fred Thompson, all before even one vote has been counted. Sorry Michelle, this doesn't represent a "non-denial denial" in most people's book. It's absurd to dig that out of his interview. Some folks are getting a little too territorial.

Chances are if Thompson gets a decent third in Iowa he'll probably skip New Hampshire anyway and move straight on to South Carolina but this incessant death watch, even from conservatives, is rather ignominious and makes it seem like some people are way too invested in their own personal faves, to the point of not being able to resist the temptation to tamper. Isn't that what we accuse the "liberal media" of doing, guys?

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