Monday, January 28, 2008

Plame's cover blown in 2001?

The London Times continued their series on nuclear proliferation over the weekend, and came up with this story:
But she said: “He [the State Department official] found out about the arrangement . . . and he contacted one of the foreign targets and said . . . you need to stay away from Brewster Jennings because they are a cover for the government.

“The target . . . immediately followed up by calling several people to warn them about Brewster Jennings.

“At least one of them was at the ATC. This person also called an ISI person to warn them.”.
Many actually thought her cover was blown by Aldrich Ames. The puzzling thing to many Plame watchers was her assignment to Langley, which suggested she wasn't covert, ie, when the CIA is trying to set her up as a consultant with a dummy company the last thing they'd want is her driving in the front gate of Spy Central every morning (how many 'evasive measures' are there with only one bridge over the Potomac in that vicinity?).

As to Sibel Edmonds, she's probably the premier whistleblower in the government right now yet hasn't been able to get much traction on her stories. They seem to be fine with letting her twist in the breeze, otherwise Waxman would have rolled out the red carpet to his kangaroo court months ago.

Exactly what this says about the entire Plame thing is a bit fuzzy. Valerie was asked for comment but she can't comment per CIA rules. Langley would not have necessarily known that Mr. RSDG -- Mr. Rogue State Dept Guy -- had blown her cover anyway. But RSDG would have been fully aware when his agency attended the meeting at CIA HQ where Plame introduced Joe Wilson into the mix on Niger. Since Wilson and RSDG were supposedly acquaintances from their days working the Middle East, it certainly sets up an interesting novel plot, if nothing else.

According to the Times the FBI does have files relating to Edmonds' allegations. Hey, maybe Hillary will release them one day along with the JFK files, Roswell files, and her own Clinton Library files!

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