Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Paul hit piece

Big news, Ron Paul attracts a fringe element! OK, there's more "hit" than "piece" in this diatribe, which is mainly rehashed stuff from the 90s. But what's with the bi-partisan hand clapping?

Well, we know--the cheering conservatives have long been angered by his "blame America first" campaign theme. Many have spent years arguing with unhinged liberals over this very topic, so Paul, despite his libertarian leanings, slipped over the edge when he pulled that card.

And liberals don't like Paul's stance on social issues one little bit, but at the same time his "blame America first/get out of Iraq now" mindset was like a big frosty mug of Kool Aid gleaming in the sun on a hot summer day. Some in the disillusioned set--those frustrated with the inactivity of the establishment candidates to do what they demanded be done--made the jump. That could explain the Paulmobs--Republicans are generally too timid for such stuff.

Maybe the New Republic figured a large part of his mob were actually Dems, not otherwise, and maybe they figured those shallow Dems, still engaged in a willful suspension of disbelief, might come back home if "shown the light". The fact they broke it today suggests an experiment to see how deep those supporters are rooted.

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