Friday, January 11, 2008


It snowed in Baghdad today. First in 100 years, they said. Pretty cool. They also said it was a sign of peace. How odd for such a thing to occur while president Bush is busy touring the region, eh? Shall we start the countdown clock until the first moonbat accuses Rove and his weather machine?

Speaking of Bush's trip, he's getting far less attention from the mainstream press than one might think judging by the sheer boldness of the trip. Had this been Nixon, Reagan or Clinton it would be making big headlines by now, but perhaps with Bush it's the result of him being long ago pigeon-holed as the terrorist kickbutt guy, which makes it hard to view him as the peace guy.

Whatever the case, we should all hope for a positive outcome with a healthy dose of "been there, done that" skepticism for good measure.

By the way, Hillary is not the only politico who gets misty-eyed:
Earlier in the day, Bush became misty-eyed as he toured the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem. He called the memorial a "sobering reminder that evil exists and a call that when we find evil we must resist it."
Hillary could not be reached for comment--she was in Vegas telling illegal alien women they aren't illegal, apparently sans tears. Evita comes to mind for some reason.

The prez will be moving on to Arab lands next and will end up very close to where the Iranian speed boat caper occurred, ie, the Tonkin Gulf. Expect similar passive coverage from the MSM unless, God forbid, something happens to his entourage.

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