Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A win for Mr. Fix It

Good thing he didn't use an Olympics metaphor in his acceptance speech. Which was pretty good, by the way. Mitt Headroom really knows how to whip up his fans. I can't see Thompson being able to do that, or even McCain. And Huck was not a Pentecostal preacher.

The crowd made one little mistake by repeating a Romney miscue about our broken government not giving up a middle class tax cut--Bush DID, several, actually. But the power of the moment is powerful. Imagine that kind of love being showered on your own self? Being in Michigan he could have probably said, "they didn't give us a case of Stroh's and two dozen Dunkin Donuts" and they would have roared in reply.

Needless to say, Mitt's latest tact presumes Bush either hasn't fixed DC or has broken it himself (yeah, yeah, it's an attack on the Maverick). Got news--nobody can fix DC. Might as well promise to change the climate if elected.

So, what's next, a Ron Paul victory? Even Newt has given up trying to predict it. If Thompson somehow wins South Carolina and Rudy wins Florida it would throw everybody into bankruptcy...all but.. Mitt! He wins a battle of financial attrition.

But assuming he's the nominee, we could do worse. First, neither Hillary nor Obama would DARE attack his religion. Too risky for the party of tolerance and diversity. Second, he's reasonably conservative on most of the issues, although he's flexible. Still, he's been truer to principle than McCain (although Johnny Mac's got him beat on CIC credentials).

But let's face it--Mitt has the camera appeal, the others not so much. When the body language lady on O'Reilly says Fred has "bad posture and terrible body language" there might be a problem. It shouts vice president.

So color me less than thrilled. At this point, Jeb Bush is starting to look good, from a distance at least. Or maybe Dennis Miller.

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