Thursday, January 31, 2008

The master at work

Here's Bill Clinton responding to, and making mincemeat out of a 9/11 truther. Say what you will about him, but there's simply no politician alive who works a room any better.

This begs a question--is there an 'inside job wing' of the Democrat Party? If so, where are they aligned? Forget Hillary, and Barack is on record as saying he'd unilaterally attack Pakistan to get bin Laden. What about Edwards? He had heavy support from the far left blogosphere (remember Amanda Marcotte) and never seemed to attract many truther disruptions at his speeches.

Certainly this video taken on 9/11 isn't all the nutjobs had on Edwards (which really isn't anything). Maybe this explains their silence. Or maybe this. Or perhaps they just considered him an insignificant target. Bottom line, if there were any Democrat truthers loosely aligned with Edwards they are now homeless. And if the past is a guide they'll become more and more belligerent towards Hillary.

Not sure if Bill was thinking of this when he pulled his magic, although let's not overlook the somewhat self-serving aspect of such a smackback. After all, if 9/11 was an inside job then he's not only a proven liar, but was a party to it. Gotta cover every angle. But bravo, regardless. Encore, as well.

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