Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Iran to media: Gulf of Tonkin!

Regards the recent action footage released from one of three Navy ships buzzed in the Straits of Hormuz by Iranian speedboats, the real Iranian government has taken the Rosie approach:
TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran's Revolutionary Guards accused the United States on Wednesday of fabricating video and audio released by the Pentagon that shows Iranian boats confronting U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf.

"The footage released by the U.S. Navy was compiled using file pictures and the audio has been fabricated," the state-run English-language channel Press TV quoted an official in the Revolutionary Guards as saying
Disregard the fact the phony Iranian government had earlier said they had every right to unleash speedboats on any ship passing through international waters within their territory for purposes of identification and to test defensive responses, now we learn it was all faked. Word, dudes.

Actually, today looks like a truther twofer-- US caught fabricating a Gulf of Tonkin incident and New Hampshire primaries probably stolen by counting fake paper ballots. Wake up, sheeple!

MORE 1/9/08

The Iranian patrol boat games were serious, of course. For those not familiar with this site, the jesting above wasn't meant to downplay the seriousness, only to point out the running insanity of our world. I have to constantly fight the urge to go overboard with that. Family members are riding on those boats, one of them mine, so the reality is things are a little worrisome right now, especially with the president touring the immediate neighborhood.

MORE 1/10/08

The IRGC has released their own footage of the event, which doesn't include the "fabricated" part shown by the Navy of the patrol boats buzzing around the ships like angry insects or the audio about blowing up.

From the video it's barely noticeable, but you can see the blue color of the speedboats. The Navy ships are there. It doesn't take a genius to understand video editing. In other words, the Iranians have just provided corroborating evidence of the Navy's account whether they realize it or not. If there are tapes of that transmission all the Navy has to do now is release the rest of the transmission in sequence and voila, case closed.

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