Thursday, February 12, 2009

Captains of the Universe

Here's Maxine Waters playing the good comrade and proving herself as capable of people picked at random out of the phone book, grilling the banking fat cats (it's OK to use the descriptor 'fat' when talking about bankers--Obama has issued a waiver):

She gonna go all socialist on 'em. But hey, it's a free market (or was). Nobody is forced at gunpoint to hold any credit cards. None at all. Dave Ramsey has been warning us about these whores for years but it doesn't take a radio talk show host to understand that credit and credit cards can be dangerous to your financial health. This used to be taught in the home.

Funny thing, Joe Biden is from Delaware, a state housing many of America's credit card companies. Where is 'the Senator from MBNA' when we need him?

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