Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Believe

..that Judd Gregg was pressured to withdraw by the Senate GOP caucus to put pressure on the Democrats to stop their hijacking of the Census.

..that the Senate GOP caucus might secretly want the bailout bill to pass, which is why they haven't corralled Specter and the other two infidels. The rest of them can safely vote no without being called unpatriotic obstructionists while fulfilling the urge to do something now.

..that Obama is correct when he says this crisis is unlike past recessions.

..that Obama is incorrect by not putting a positive spin on it regardless. He has the power to influence.

..that "so-called terrorists" are now plotting a final blow to the west, timed to occur during our current financial chaos for maximum effect.

..that Reverend Wright was correct when he said our chickens were coming home to roost, but was wrong about the chickens. And most everything else.

..that George Soros didn't engineer the financial crisis. He just got lucky and will now fight, fight, fight to abuse the situation 'til his last breath.

..that we should be skeptical of a Russian satellite doing anything out of the ordinary. Just sayin'.

..that if Bill Clinton is for something, I'm usually against it.


Debbie said...

Great post, I'm with you on all of them. I also believe ...

that taking people away from investigating terrorism and putting them on the economy is retarded.


A.C. McCloud said...

Again, I think we're being hornswoggled by the GOP. They could have cornered one of those RINOs today and hog tied 'em til the voting was over to stop this from passing, but didn't.

God help the United States of America.