Monday, February 02, 2009

Carville vs the Truth

"Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find."
Who can forget that famous quip from the lips of the Mouth of the South, running interference for Bill Clinton against Paula Jones? And here's James Carville doing likewise for Barack Obama (and half his former colleagues), with slow-news day blogger interpretations thrown in free:
Limbaugh must have called for the incoming Bush administration to allocate ideas based on the proportion of election returns. I'm sure President Bush and the Republicans in Congress graciously accepted their 49.5 percent share of everything. (Note: We would be much better off right now had this actually happened.)
Typical Democrat misdirection. Had Bush immediately called for a 1 trillion dollar cut in the federal budget, mostly through tax cuts for the rich and reductions in condom funding, he'd have some kind of analog talking point. As it stands, he's got a yipping dog talking point.
With 50 percent of the federal government during President Bush's term, Democrats might have reduced the deficit (a truly Clintonista idea).
Yes, through massive tax increases. Doing so during a developing recession and after 9/11 would have cartwheeled America into a depression, in case Carville has forgotten that 3000 point dipsy doodle in the Dow. Of course, if he thinks that idea was truly "Clintonista" that's certainly his call.
Wall Street might have been more heavily regulated and K Street's lobbyists might not have been running the Capitol. Democrats might have invested money into infrastructure improvements so that bridges didn't collapse or entire cities flood.
This is bordering on a level of insanity that requires an ambulance. Carville was in the White House when Clinton signed the repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act in 1999 that allowed the flood gates to open for sub-prime mortgages. Several of his former collegues made a mess and an attendant fortune running Fannie Mae. And as for lobbyists, Obama has now pardoned five or six appointees for past lobbying via a waiver to his new tough lobbying rule.

As to 'bridges falling down', the Minneapolis collapse was not due to the lack of a 500 billion dollar pork barrel infrastructure project, it was due to a design flaw in the bridge, which was built during Democrat control back in the 60s. Can't these people use the Googles? As to the flooded city, that can actually be traced to infrastructure projects that were corrupted coupled with an inept city and state government. Bush and Brownie got caught in the crossfire when the levees were breached (not topped) in a Cat 3 storm, which was not supposed to happen.
We wouldn't have spent $350 million per day in Iraq. Heck, had Democrats been able to control 50 percent of the government from 2000 to 2004, we wouldn't have even gone into Iraq in the first place. There might have been more spending on education and a fully funded No Child Left Behind Act.
Funny, since in 2003 tax cheat Tom Daschle was the Senate Majority Leader and after his election loss, a K Street lobbyist. Hillary Clinton was once a vocal advocate of doing something about the menace of S. Hussein al-Tikriti, back when it was cool. Carville himself was in the very same Clinton admin who used Baghdad as a cruise missile pincushion and domestic bimbo eruption deflection zone during the 90s.

As to education, no argument about the NEA.
It is a remarkable time in American politics when a respected ideologue like Limbaugh can take to a hyperpartisan place like the pages of The Wall Street Journal, and deliver such a consistent message. We Democrats should congratulate Rush on the purity, intellectual integrity, and consistency of his positions.
And it's amazing a flack like Carville can get headline space on CNN to peddle outright lies and distortions with the purpose of finally marginalizing the voice of the GOP so Obama and Congress can turn America into Sweden. OK. it's not really that amazing, considering Campbell Brown, Jack Cafferty, and Paul Begala.

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