Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We Have Nothing to Fear...

...but catastrophe itself. Or a further tanking with exploding school houses.

Yes, the current crisis might end up being the worst ever when all is said and done. And yes, there are gloomy stories out there right now, some even darn catastrophic. And yes, a 400 point drop in the markets after the announcement of the Geithner savior plan is not very stimulating, nor is the realization of a trillion more in new debt for our kids. And losing a job is always a catastrophe for the job-loser. At least for awhile.

We expect the President to be honest about our circumstances. At the same time he's also supposed to be the optimist-in-chief, the great inspirer, the coach. That's not to say he should peddle false optimism but perhaps 'brutal honesty' isn't always the best course, either. Most people should understand the downside of this situation by now. Add a major terror attack and we may well be toast. Times like these call for true leaders, ones who'll display the cool qualities of a Ches Sullenberg, never giving up and inspiring everyone to keep the faith all the way down to the water.

So why does it seem like Obama is almost desirous of the glass half-empty outcome? Could it be because the mitigation has been his true goal line all along?

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