Monday, February 23, 2009

The Right to Ginormous Houses

It might be somewhere in the stimulus act but it's nowhere to be found in the Constitution, not even under 'pursuing happiness' or 'promoting the general welfare'.

Mustang has an excellent piece today lamenting the dilution of contract law/rule of law in America, all the way from illegal aliens to the latest stimulus and housing bailouts. The video provided is surreal--rarely does one see a person seriously arguing that a homeowner being foreclosed on is 'paying their bills'. Apparently she feels that simply having good thoughts about paying counts the same as paying as long as people are hatin' on the bankers. Dangerous stuff.

Malkin and her Hot Air friends have two other similar incredible examples, the latter shedding more light on the thuggery being defended in Mustang's video. All in the same vein--people claiming rights they don't have and pointing to other bad behavior in defending their own wrongheaded irresponsibility under a cloak of 'social justice'.

And here's even more evidence that ACORN is a destabilizing influence in some cities right now. But it's more than just street thugs trying to get back at the man when we have the federal government poised to grab the figurative boltcutters. Recall this from 2007:

Your tax dollars at work. Gee, is the stimulus bill just mission accomplished? Sure looks that way.

Liberals might react to this post by saying 'you lost, whiner'. Correct on its face, but before being awarded the argument they'd first have to point to where Obama campaigned on massive public debt spread around to liberal projects and political cronies followed by massive tax increases on the wealthy to pay for everything. Well OK, true, they could point to his promise to Joe the Plumber. Point taken, then.

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