Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Speech Blogging

At 7:52 pm CST I checked the local paper for news and got this amazing story:
Obama says U.S. will emerge from crisis stronger than ever

By Jennifer Loven
Associated Press
Originally published 04:56 p.m., February 24, 2009
Updated 07:44 p.m., February 24, 2009

WASHINGTON — Standing before a nation on an economic precipice, President Barack Obama warned anxious Americans tonight that the U.S. the U.S. faces a dire “day of reckoning” but can emerge ever stronger by pulling together, sharing sacrifices and confronting hard choices head-on.

“The time to take charge of our future is here,” Obama said, delivering his first address to a joint session of Congress.

“Tonight I want every American to know this: We will rebuild, we will recover, and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before.”
I realize the speech was pre-released, but can't they at least wait for the speech to occur before hitting enter?

MORE later..

Wow, the AP is amazing in their ability to see the future..
"Balancing candor and can-do,"

"His hope was to begin to persuade the country"

"Comments on Obama’s address came in early from Republicans, hours before he had uttered a word."
Well yes, so did this article. But this comment from the AP, channeling Obama, seems hard to understand:
In contrast to many State of the Union addresses by George W. Bush, Obama was emphasizing foreign policy.
Surely they meant "did not emphasize"? It's hard to imagine Obama will focus more on foreign policy than did Bush. Guess we'll have to wait for the actual speech.


Peaceful transitions of power are always fascinating to watch.

815 pm

Uplifting rhetoric so far. But I question the sincerity of someone espousing universal health care and global warming taxes when he says he's not in favor of bigger government.

As to accountability, never fear, Joe is here. Nobody messes with Joe the VP! He'll breaka u face..

8:25 pm

The new super inspector general and Geithner didn't have confident looks on their faces when shown in response to Obama's mention.

And Lord, is it possible that Bush was a more charismatic SOTU speaker? Obama tends to get a little wonky stale, to the point of dimming Pelosi's reaction, who just a minute ago was quasi orgasmic.

8:30 pm

Pelosi stands and applauds vigorously when Obama smacks down the bankers for using their private jets after getting bailouts, clearly not seeing the irony.

8:35 pm

After trashing evil bankers Obama then heralded the importance of bankers in rescuing the economy. Indeed, small business construction firms will need short-term loans if they're going to bid on the stimulus projects the government is funding.

BTW, I agree with Obama about some of the infrastructure projects of the past, such as the transcontinental railroad, interstate highway system, man on the moon, etc. But stimulus-I wasn't that.

8:40 pm

Still waiting for the foreign policy section the AP was so hot about. Recapping, they said "In contrast to many State of the Union addresses by George W. Bush, Obama was emphasizing foreign policy".

Instead he's talking about his three main objectives, health care, education and economy (war on terra is now off the front burners). And with Obama's carbon cap comment the coal and rail industries just collectively shuddered.

8:45 pm

Socialized health care will not wait. Carbon caps will not wait. Money for the Dept of Education will not wait. But he's correct--we MUST get our educational focus correct in this country. His high school dropout stance is awesome, btw.

Weird, so far we haven't seen any of the divisive non-claps as we saw with almost everything Bush said in previous addresses.

8:50 pm

Wasn't Kennedy instrumental in No Child Left Behind? But yet another no-brainer on the parental responsibility issue. Oh, we just had a clappy GOP moment on deficit busting. And another. Followed by guffaws over his 'no earmarks' claim on stim-I.

And let's see, only a few minutes left and still nothing to back up the AP speech article's foreign policy contention.

8:55 pm

Pelosi's penchant for popping out of her seat like a jack-in-the-box to clap for social projects she favors is beyond irritating and unprofessional to boot. Too bad Don't Mess With Joe isn't carrying a rubber mallet to bonk her over the head with.

8:57 pm

He finally gets to foreign policy and finally condemns some federal spending. He still wants to end this war, not with pride, not with victory, not with honor, just end it. That does not comport with his troop support comment. They should be applauded for helping stabilize the country and give them time to straighten their political process, which Obama once said was a lost cause.

9:00 pm

Obama got major applause for saying we don't torture, but didn't mention his continuation of the rendition program, which may allow a return to outsourcing torture.

9:03 pm

I'm glad he mentioned the banker who gave away his millions as bonuses to people in his company instead of taking it himself, since he did it of his own free will and not through government mandate.

As to Greensburg, KS, Obama once said 10,000 people had been killed there in the tornado and now he's got the mayor in attendance. Wild.

9:07 pm

No more comments, only a prediction. The Fox News analysts will be falling all over themselves with praise for Obama. It was an OK speech, a little flat and somewhat schlocky in the optimism department.


Roland Burris is shadowing Obama so close he appears to be a secret service agent, and Obama is completely ignoring him. Harry Reid appears to be trying to run interference. And the Fox News all stars are not mentioning anything about it.


Was not very good. Too sing-songy. But it occurs to me he seems more upbeat than Obama.

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